This pool had a 8”inch water main running one foot away from the deep end sidewall of the pool. We had retaining walls from the Westside and the house was ten feet away from the Eastside. As a result, we took the sides down 18” inches down from finished grade in those areas and 3’ feet in the other areas. We broke out the entire bottom of the pool and began importing dirt. We crowned the pool 5” inches higher in the existing flat work perimeter sides. The scenario allowed sheet flow of water to flow onto the existing flat work and drain out. The customers were very happy. 


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The first three pictures are where we have demoed the entire pool floor and broken out the sides of the pool 3' down from the top of the coping. All the concrete has been broken into pieces not greater than 6 to 8" with a few larger pieces on occasion. The next three pictures are of the beginning of new soil importation for compaction. Dirt that is not clay and has a sandy silty texture is brought into the site, brought to optimal moisture content of between 10 to 13% moisture and then compacted into 6 to 8" lifts until finish grade is reached. When drainage slope to daylight is not attainable with free fall then we will install drains to daylight out water.

We worked with Mark Braun and Associates to get the compaction tested for this pool. Their soil report required 4- 12" holes in the pool and after talking with them we recommended the whole bottom of the pool to be broken out which we did. The side we took down 3' from the top of the coping with all concrete broken up to 12" minus to avoid voids that would exist in-between larger concrete pieces had we not broken it up as much. The soil report requires 1' of pea gravel over the concrete rubble and then filter cloth over that with a minimum of 2' of compacted dirt cover over the pea gravel and filter cloth. All our compaction was 93% or better with a minimum threshold of no less than 90% compaction required. 

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If you own a swimming pool, then you know the cost to maintain it can be extremely high. This is one of the main reasons people opt to remove or demolish their in-ground swimming pool. Santa Barbara Bobcat, Inc. offers affordable and professional swimming pool demolition, excavation and land restoration.

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This is a Pool Demo in Camarillo where the clients elected to bury the pool like 95% of all clients choose to do to save money.  We broke the sides down 3' from the top of the coping and broke out the whole pool bottom to insure that the area will drain. We got the permit and coordinated to have inspections with City inspectors at the appropriate stages of the job.


This was a pool demo in which we created a 2% grade from the house to two 12” inch drain boxes for drainage. The customer had drainage problems since he bought the property and this eliminated most of the problem. Sheet flow now flowed from approximately 2/3rds of the .48 acre  property into our client’s newly designed drainage system. Eliminating an extra drain in which the customer thought he would need.