Our clients on this job wanted more back yard area for a view of the ocean so we imported about 150 yards of dirt and compacted it into their back yard to give them another 20' of yard with ocean views.

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The homeowner worked with Santa Barbara Bobcat, Inc. in conjunction with a landscape designer to create undulations in earth creating a new hinge point for water flow. We created 2% grades and a 2% 6.5' wide trench that daylights from West to East and in this the owner was going to build a dry rock bed creek with native plants that would need very little water. 


This fire burned down a house on the backside of Mission Canyon and the fire bent the I Beams that would support the house. We came in and demoed out the I Beams and cleaned up the toxic ash from the fire that burned all the contents of the house. Once we were done and had the site prepped and cleaned the owner began to rebuild.

Here we coordinated with the contractor and the concrete contractor to install conveyer belts to move dirt and rock to other sides of this property.

SANTA BARBARA BOBCAT, Inc. eliminates standing water in your yard and lawn by grading and draining to direct water away from the home and property structures. To accomplish this, we execute a thorough site study of existing conditions, noting where water originates, how it flows through your yard and where it collects. To thoroughly study and manage the water, we shoot grades and execute a topographical analysis. 

Proper grading is always the best and most reliable way to address water runoff.

Santa Barbara Bobcat Compaction & Grading

We worked in conjunction with Coast Valley Testing for this compaction project that required a minimum of 90% compaction to carry the load of a guest house and I believe we consistently got 93% throughout the compaction process.

SANTA BARBARA BOBCAT, INC. has been the trusted experts for all foundation and structural repairs in the Tri-County area for 20 years. We are locally-owned, licensed, insured, and earned 5 star ratings from customers because we are committed to client satisfaction. We provide unmatched customer service, high quality repairs, and affordable pricing for both residential and commercial applications.

  • New Construction
  • Foundation Repair
  • Expansive Soil Conditions
  • Sinking Foundations
  • Surface Water Issues
  • Drainage
  • House Leveling
  • Footings

The detail in this project was the next step after the demolition of the house and the following sequence of events was for us to undercut 5' and recompact to minimum of 90% compaction in conjunction with the soil engineer. In the midst of digging out we ran across an old Dry Well that we had to backfill. There was 2 elevations we needed on the pad to leave the sub grade at the correct elevation. This project was on a cul-de-sac so there was a requirement by the Fire Department where we had to widen the width of the cul-de-sac to meet new Code requirements.  

Undercut existing soil grade 2' below grade in conjunction with a soils engineer from Braun and Associates and compact back to minimum 95% compaction to 14" below finish slab grade and then dig footings.

For 20 Years Santa Barbara Bobcat, Inc. has specialized in Demolition and Clean Up. From houses to pools, we've done it all!