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This job was a 300' driveway we carved out in a steep hillside in Toro Canyon, Montecito. After the driveway was carved out we dug up the new driveway for new electric service. water and gas. Because of the steepness of the slope we were required by the soils engineer to put geo- grid mating on the compacted fill in the driveway where there was a steeper slope. All driveway compaction had to be at 90% with the last 2' of compacted soil needed to be at 95% compaction.

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​Surveying for Drought Control

​In the midst of the drought, a client found a water source off San Marcos Pass and we surveyed the area to determine the best location for water tank installation. We then proceeded to bench a couple of areas for different tank installations so the client and his neighbor could enjoy free water.

Road Construction


  • Road construction including site prep. 

  • Site utility work including water and sewer lines.
  • Trucking services - Heavy and specialized hauling, dump truck services for dirt and stone.


Our well-trained professional team successfully manages erosion and sedimentation controls, wetland construction, and stream relocation -- all performed with a commitment to sustaining the highest safety and environmental standards. 

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When you looked at this project before we began you would think how could you get a road through here. We had to reshape the hill and with a lot of cutting we were able to create this road that needed to be 14' wide. At the bottom of the new driveway we had 12' of compacted fill. 

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